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I’ve been at TVC today for a meeting and i’m waiting for the bus back to w1. Nice weather out here!
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I’ve signed up to riverford organic. They deliver boxes with fruit and veg on a weekly basis. And with three pigs and i veg loving husband we go through a fair amount. I’m pleasantly suprised, it’s nice to see veg like veg should look, a bit soily and different shapes. 🙂
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I’m sitting at the bar in Ozer just by my job and waiting for three lovely muff girls. Two’s flying in from stockholm and one from madrid. Sweet!

We’re having dinner quite late as they’ve just landed. I took the opportunity and went to the swimming pool and did 1k in the outdoor pool. It’s heated and it was lovely as it’s so cold in the air it feels like the water is really hot!

I know i’ll have to pay for it tomorrow though. Or already later tonight. I did half a k the other day and gosh did that wear me out. I don’t seem to realise how hard the Roaccutane is, i just haven’t got the same strength as i usually do. And the hip and back ache appear to get worse after a have exercised. During swimming it feels better, but afterwards it’s worse. Oh well, i’ve only got another 5 weeks and then i’m off it. Hopefully for good! Skin’s petty good at the moment, only two spots and some scarring which i can live with! 🙂


And i love my little pigs! 🙂
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Semestern i Devon var verkligen toppen. Vi gjorde inte mycket alls utan tog det lugnt. Vi sov tills vi vaknade, at frukost lange, satt och pratade, gick pa promenader, spelade spel…

Devon ar valdigt likt Wales, fast finare hus och mysigare pa nagot satt.

Jag har en interview pa tisdag forresten. Skriver mer om det nar jag sitter vid en dator igen. (skriver det har fran mobilen)

”Smile and the world will smile back at you.”

Jag är en svenska bosatt i London sen Maj 1999. Jag jobbar som Executive Assistant pa ett amerikanskt foretag och trivs jattebra. Jag bor tillsammans med min partner, Mark, som jobbar på London Ambulance Service. Jag hjälper gärna andra svenskar som vill flytta hit så om det är något du undrar över när det gäller London så maila mig.


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