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We went out for a little drive along the coast in Exmoor national park and found some wild horses and goats.

photo 0186


We’re in lovely Devon and the weather is beautiful! (This was meant to be uploaded on saturday when we arrived in Devon!)
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… not Godot perhaps but a doner kebab. We’ve been to a spiritualist church with helena and have just got back to Ilfracombe. We got some very interesting messages from loved ones, food for thought, definitely.

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We’ve just had breakfast and are now chilling on the sofa before going out for a stroll perhaps.

So far the holiday has been lovely and very relaxed.

Yesterday we went down to barnstaple for a spot of shopping. I finally bought a satnav and mark bought some tools for the africa-trip.

Not sure what we’re doing today. Might just play some monopoly.


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…. forsvunnit fran jordens yta. Jag har bara fullt upp! 🙂 Goteborg, Paris, jobbansokningar, volontarjobb och sa mitt vanliga jobb, Mark och marsvinen uppepa det! 🙂

Jag fick inte Team Assistant-jobbet, men det var nastan en lattnad. Jag ville egentligen inte ha jobbet, jag hade redan planer pa hur snabbt jag kunde avancera, men jag maste ju ha nat NU! Det ar bara knappt 12 veckor kvar av det har vicket och sen ar det slut! Jag soker som sagt jobb left right and centre, men an sa lange har jag inte hort nat. Alltsa varken ja, vi vill traffa dig eller nej, du ar inte uttagen. BBC tar god tid pa sig att rekrytera! 🙂

Jag har sokt Project Assistant pa BBC Academy, vilket verkar jatteintressant. Jag har ocksa sokt PA to MD for Top Gear Magazine, men i och med att det ar ett sa coolt jobb betalar de skit. Och jag menar skit! Det ar samma lon som jag hade 8 ar sen, ca 7000 SEK mindre i manaden an jag har idag! Det later kanske hogfardigt, men jag vet inte om jag kan overleva pa sa lite. Det tacker just about min del av rakningarna och jag skulle inte ha nagra spending money for tex busskort, luncher och sant.

Jaja, vi far se. Jag kan inte gora mer an jag gor, soka allt jag ser! 🙂

Pa lordag aker vi till Devon for att bo en vecka i Helena’s husvagn. ( Ska bli saaaa skont att fa semester. Lata dagar med strandpromenader och langa pubkvallar star pa schemat.


Aw thanks babe! He set the table for breakfast for me before he went off to work this morning, complete with chocolate croissant and ok magazine. XXXX
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Hey! I got through the assessment and am having an invterview next week. Exciting stuff!

I do like doing these assessments, even though they’re terribly stressy. I didn’t finish all the tasks, but obviously enough to get through. Intray exercises are supposed to simulate an ordinary day in the office. You have 90 minutes and you get a thick wad of papers, about 30 pages or so. Each containing information, tasks, messages etc. It sets out the situation, ie you’re a temp and have just arrived. So-and-so has met you and shows you to your desk and here’s the intray of the person you are covering. You are allowed send emails, request information and do this, this and that.

The tasks are things like please arrange a conference for the sales team. We need a hotel that can take so and so many delegates, have a restaurant and is within 1 hour drive from Manchester. Then you have in your ”info pack” a list of hotels, where they are situated and their capacity. So, you pick one and write them a letter confirming you’d like to book a conference.

Or they’ll ask you to fax the sales figures for this and that product for Q2 and you’ll have to extract the figures and tot them up into a table.

Or arrange interviews and they give you a calendar to fit things in around all other engagements and they give you details of what the candidates can do and it’s a case of puzzling it together.

I think the reason I enjoy them is because at the end of the day I like being a PA and I like organising and arranging things. These tests are checking that you can prioritise, communicate and hold out under pressure.

I noticed that I started with a different task to the other chap in the room doing it at the same time as I. I got a bit worried at first, but then I thought no, trust your own instinct. I started with a task that had a deadline of 1pm the same day and he started with a task that had to be done before the end of the month. Or rather, some meetings were to be set up and they had to happen before the end of the month. But they weren’t crucial that day.

Oh, and Malin, what on earth is a en egg white wrap?! A wrap with just a fried eggwhite?

I’m off to bed soon. Very tired after a buys few weeks. First Gothenbrug, then Paris, the assessment and busy days at work. Now I’ve got a day off and then I’m working at the Thames Festival with Vision. CBBC have got a tent and I’ve volunteered to help out.

I’ve promised Mark I’ll go to Croydon tomorrow to pick up some parts for the truck for Africa. Can’t say I’m chuffed but I’ve promised to support Mark with this venture so I’m smiling and say ”sure darling!” 🙂

Now, bed bed bed!


Having a healthy breakfast at Crussh, mango smoothie, healthpot and a shot of wheatgrass. Lovely. I’ve got an assessment for a job this morning hence being in white city rather than W1. Wish me good luck! 🙂

photo 0157

At the train station waiting to go home after a fantastic weekend. I love Paris and i love my fellow Grrringos. X

photo 0155

We’ve been walking around in Montmartre and have now stopped for some food. Crepe for me, not sure what the others will have.

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”Smile and the world will smile back at you.”

Jag är en svenska bosatt i London sen Maj 1999. Jag jobbar som Executive Assistant pa ett amerikanskt foretag och trivs jattebra. Jag bor tillsammans med min partner, Mark, som jobbar på London Ambulance Service. Jag hjälper gärna andra svenskar som vill flytta hit så om det är något du undrar över när det gäller London så maila mig.


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