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Goteborg var jattemysigt! Linda och jag hade jattetrevligt och hennes mamma och Hasse ar hur mysiga som helst! Det var ra men hjartlig stamning! True gothenburgians! Tack for en superhelg Linda!

Jag later bilderna tala for sig sjalva.



Having waffles with linda at delsjon. I looove waffles!


photo 0139

photo 0135

Waiting for the gate to open. Lost some stuff as i had forgotten the 100 ml liquid rule, but i’ll live with that. It’s my own fault. Although i can’t help thinking it’s a bit silly is the second you’re through you can buy whatever you want in terms of liquid.

i’m pleased i drove here, and i’m pleased i went for the short stay parking. So worth th extra quid i had to pay. Getting up at 02.45 is bad enough!


photo 0133

photo 0132

Love the green grocers in Tooting. (this is the post that was supposed to be posted before the one on st georges hospital.)
photo 0129

The post about St Georges Hospital (nicely misspelled hoopsital…! Mobiles aren’t the easiest to write on!) doesn’t really make sense as the previous post never got to the site. I took a picture of one of the the green grocers in Tooting on the high street, but that never got to the site. I’ll see if I can post it again. 🙂


But i can’t say i’m as excited by st georges hospital is Tooting. As hospitals go i guess they’re ok, but i’d rather be buying veg at the green grocer. 🙂

photo 0131

I met up with emma after work today for a catch up. She’s so lovely. I always go away with a warm fuzzy feeling when i’ve seen her. I was going to take a picture but forgot, bother! 🙂

I love my husband and i love the balcony. Shame we haven’t got a proper door but just a window to climb out of.
photo 0128

Mark is enjoying the dessert, chocolate and peanut butter fudge with vanilla ice cream courtesy Nigella lawson.
photo 0126

Ahhh life is good sometimes.
photo 0125

Phew! Done with a massive load of archiving. It’s amazing how much paperwork you get after a couple of years. Now i just need to tackle the clothes and rest of the house! 🙂

photo 0123

Am very hungry so have ordered a couple of samosas, peshwari naan and a poppadom. Nice. It’s sunny so i might eat on the front balcony in the sunset.
photo 0122

On my way home from work now. Listening to christian kjellvander ‘going home’, very apt. Google him if you haven’t heard him, he’s very good.

Had a good day at work today. Busy, but with interesting things so i don’t mind. Afternoon was a but slow though as i started to wilt then.

Mark is working tonight so i’m thinking whether i should be good and go to the gym – unlikely – or do those translations for my friend in sweden. As i’m starving it’ll probably be the translations. Otherwise i’d have to go home, eat and then let that settle then go to the gym. No, don’t think that’ll happen.

As a matter of fact, i can really see myself chilling on the sofa listening to my audio book the time traveller’s wife. Yes. 🙂


photo 0121

”Smile and the world will smile back at you.”

Jag är en svenska bosatt i London sen Maj 1999. Jag jobbar som Executive Assistant pa ett amerikanskt foretag och trivs jattebra. Jag bor tillsammans med min partner, Mark, som jobbar på London Ambulance Service. Jag hjälper gärna andra svenskar som vill flytta hit så om det är något du undrar över när det gäller London så maila mig.


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